Anneke Boot lives in the old centre of Leiden in the Netherlands. There, during her student time, she illustrated student magazines, which began her career as an artist.
Later on she turned to painting gouaches and further developed her style. At the present time she paints almost exclusively in oils.
She found her inspiration initially in France: on river banks, in wine making regions, at the coast, in the countryside and occasionally in or close to towns.
In recent years she also travelled through the Italian Tuscany and painted often in the surroundings of Florence.
Anneke Boot is a great admirer of Monet and Sisley and the Dutch painters Vermeer, Van Gogh, and Jongkind.

She is also held in high repute as a portrait painter. Well known personalities in Dutch politics and the business community have commissioned portraits to be painted by her, such as the Queen’s Commissioner Hans Wiegel, Minister Koos Andriessen, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Heijn and Art dealer Ivo Bouwman.

There is also great enthusiasm of her work outside the Netherlands. She has held expositions in places like Paris, London, Monaco and Atlanta. Some of her paintings can be found in cities such as Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Monte Carlo and Paris.



Zeist Slot Zeist
Opening speech: Drs. Lèneke Knipscheer-Hamburger, kunsthistoricus Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Velp Galerie Anneke Boot
Several / permanent exhibitions
Velp Open Monumentendag (Heritage Day) in Villa 'De Nord'
's Hertogenbosch Museum Slager
Opening speech: Prof. Dr. Antoine Bodar, Art Historian, Priest
Bilthoven Estate Eyckenstein
Opening speech: Hans Eric Jansen, vml. Voorz. Raad v Bestuur Delta Lloyd
Baarn Kasteel Groeneveld
Opening speech: Dr.J.E.Andriessen, Minister of Economic Affairs
Zeist Het Slot Zeist
Opening speech: Drs. Jop Ubbens, Chairman Veilinghuis Christie's.
Atlanta (USA) Frances Aronson Gallery, by Dutch Art Dealer Ivo Bouwman
Zeist Het Slot Zeist
Opening speech: J.P. Glerum, Managing director Sotheby’s Amsterdam
Paris Galerie Bruno Ract-Madoux
London Madden Galleries
Opening speech: Sir David Orr, Chairman of the British Council
Monaco Monaco Fine Arts Gallery
Opening speech: Prince Louis de Polignac of Monaco
Rotterdam Hilton Hotel
Opening speech: drs. R.F.M. Lubbers, Prime Minister of the Netherlands
The Hague Netherlands Congress Centre
Opening speech: drs. A. Baart, Managing director Christie’s Amsterdam
TV-registration 'Sterren op het Doek'

Voetbaltrainer Foppe de Haan
koos portret Anneke Boot

Photo reportage in ATELIERMAGAZINE

Zomerexpositie in Slot Zeist, 2018


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